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Trump: What’s the Deal?


Trump: What’s the Deal?25 years ago, Donald Trump suppressed this documentary. It’s time the truth comes out. SoTrump: What’s the Deal?urce: Trump: What’s the Deal?

Trump Accuses President Obama of Founding ISIS


Once Again, Trump Quotes Rumors As Facts: Donald Trump says President Obama ‘is the founder of ISIS’ Tom McKay Aug 10th 2016 11:08PM On Wednesday night, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leveled an intense charge at President Barack Obama: that… (READ MORE)

Numerology and Prophesy regarding Trump


One of our Facebook readers submitted this oddly befitting article: UCG.org / Bible Study Tools / Bible Questions and Answers / What did the apostle Paul mean by a “falling away”… What did the apostle Paul mean by a “falling… (READ MORE)

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