Why Do The Republicans Excuse This Behavior?

Is Melania Trump The Whore Of Babylon?

Melania’s behavior cannot be called Christian…yet it is excused by Ministers as if they were under a spell…

Could The Whore Of Babylon Be Someone Else?

The Whore of Babylon, The Anti-Christ & Ivanka Trump

Posted by  Saturday, December 31, 2016

I wrote about the creepy links that exist between Trump and the anti-christ (per the book of Revelation) in one of my earliest posts. That particular entry, incidentally, has been read and shared by viewers 90x more than all of LR’s other blog posts combined. I’m glad this topic is of interest to so many because I’ve got more addendums to tack onto the original article. (Note: before reading further, I suggest re/reading that piece first.)

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  1. Living Sword

    The Christian Right is Apostate.

  2. CynthiaGee

    2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

    1. adminforstoptrump (Post author)

      Sure seems to apply.


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